The computer driven technological revolution of the late twentieth century brought a new age to the world - the "Information Age". Like previous ages, such as the "Bronze Age" and the "Iron Age", the effects on us have been profound. Never before has so much information been available to so many. This affects all aspects of our lives, from media to education and of course in the commercial world. Business is literally awash with data. Modern computer systems can store and retrieve vast amounts of information on all aspects of their operations. As a result, one of the greatest challenges facing business today is how best to use and present this data.

This is where XLPrint and its software products fit in.

Think of the phone bill. Not too many years ago, the bill we all received from our telephone company contained not much more than the number of calls made in the billing period and the total amount due. With today's technology, the phone company now has details of every call made, to whom it was made, how long it lasted and how much each call cost. This information can be provided to the customer on their bill. XLPrint's products are designed to do exactly this - to "turn Data into Documents". Using our products, this information can now be formatted in a user friendly, informative manner. We enable the telephone company to provide the customer with a full record of the activity for the period. As well, we offer a full set of tools to allow the phone company to continuously enhance and add value to this important communication with its customer.

Our products are not pigeon-holed into any one market sector. Any organisation that has a computer system generating data that needs to be turned into documents, is a prospect for XLPrint products. No matter how large or small a company; no matter what kind of computer system is being used; no matter what industry sector they operate in - all can benefit from improved ways of communicating their information. Invoices, statements, credit notes, cheques, price lists, catalogues, computer lists, barcodes, labels - all these and more are typical of the applications that can benefit from using our products. We can design them, print them, fax them, email them or send them to archive. Our products will handle all your document needs, across the desk or across the enterprise.

To discover how XLPrint's products can assist your organisation, go to one of our 3 regional web sites. If you are in Europe, the Middle East or Africa go to (www.xlprinteurope.com). If you are in the USA, Canada, Central or South America go to (www.usa.xlprint.com). If you are in Asia, India, Oceania or South-East Asia go to (www.ap.xlprint.com).

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